Some interesting facts about cartridges...

1. On average three quarts of oil are burned to make one new cartridge.
2. An estimated 375,000,000 cartridges are thrown away every year in the world.
3. In Europe alone, more than 160 million empty cartridges are dumped in landfills annually. Only 9% of used cartridges are recycled.
4. Ink cartridges cost more to destroy than to manufacture.
5. It takes over 450 years for each cartridge to decompose.

By making small alterations to buying habits, you can make a great difference to the environment by reducing waste. Your empty cartridge no longer goes to the landfill, but can be reused many times over! If you are for some reason not interested in using refilled cartridges, Please do not throw it away, we are ready to buy your empty cartridge and you will help to environment by reducing your waste.

Help the environment while saving money on the next printer cartridge you buy!

Inkjet printers are mostly home printers or small business printers. The only benefits comparing with laser printers is their price and opportunity to print in color at very low cost. Technology of inkjet printing belongs to high tech. Cartridge is getting electrical signal on electronic contacts and very small drop of ink is formed on printhead. (Printhead has very very small openings nozzle). Drop is touching the paper and everything is happening in very short time.

If you want to keep your inkjet cartridge in good condition so you can refill it for many times and print quality will be perfect follow the rules:

• NEVER LEAVE YOUR CARTRIDGE EMPTY FOR A LONGER TEN A WEEK, because the ink will dry out and block printhead nozzles.
• Never print if one color is empty because very high temperature will be developed on dry nozzles trying to print and nozzle will burn
• Do not touch electrical contacts.
• Do not stick printhead with standard sticking tape, because the glue will block printhead. The tape we use is specially developed.
• Don't keep them "Up side down", avoid direct sunlight and excess heat.
These rules are applied also for new original prnter cartridges.

Laser printers are the most common type of business printers. They are more expensive than inkjet printers but at the same time they are more reliable, faster and they last for much more printouts than inkjet printers.

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