We are appointed as a recycling point for any kind of cartridges and are officially licensed by the Cyprus government


Recycling of empty cartridges is a huge contribution towards saving the environment. We are officially licensed by the Cyprus government to recycle our supplies, when empty, in the correct manner as directed by the European Union.

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38E Karaiskaki Str., Kanika Alexander Centre, Block1,

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Recycling your empty ink and toner cartridges is an easy way to help improve the environment and reduce waste. Recycling print cartridges reduces air and water pollution associated with landfilling, helps save energy, and conserves natural resources.

Cartridge Recycling Facts

Approximately 1.3 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world annually and less than 30 percent are currently being recycled. In one year, if the world’s discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end, they would circle the earth twice. Despite the environmental and bottom-line benefits of recycling print cartridges, every year over 300 million cartridges with a combined weight of 150 million pounds are buried in our nation’s landfills. A laser cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some components made of industrial grade plastics will take over a thousand years to decompose. It takes about a gallon of oil to produce every new toner/laser cartridge. People can reduce landfilling when they recycle toner cartridges. Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2 pounds of metal & plastic waste from being deposited in landfills. Toner cartridge remanufacturing saves over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal from landfills.

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One of the only small businesses officially licensed by the Cyprus government to recycle our supplies, when empty, as directed by the European Union

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38 Karaiskaki Str., Kanika Alexsander Center, Block 1, shop 38E P.O.Box 53465, 330 3 Limassol, Cyprus

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